Saturday, January 17, 2009

Frugal Friday, I missed a deadline?

Not really. I was planning on doing a Frugal Friday post to link to A Cowboy's Wife's post but she was a no show til today and her Mr. Linky was not working.

With the economy on everyone's mind it seems that everyone is all about being frugal. I guess it's the new black.

Now you can't get more frugal than FREE can you? If you google free samples you can find tons of websites with offers for free product samples. There are some good ones out there, but a word of caution is in order here too. Remember that many of these offers are solicitations for your email and home address info so the samples may come with some consequences. I saw some that required joining book clubs etc. so sampler beware.

I would say that most of the big name brand companies really do want you to just try the product in hopes that you will purchase more, so some of those can be a great way to save a few cents or even dollars. It all adds up!

This one from Dove sounds pretty good.

And did you know that Wal Mart has a free sample category on their website? you can order coupons for free stuff

This week I will try harder to write down my frugal ideas and have a proper Frugal Friday post ready.

Here is an idea for cutting back on the temptation to order pizza or go out when you have a tough day or too much going on and can't get a meal prepared. I keep a couple of those ready made pizza crusts on hand, a jar of pizza sauce, a pack of pepperoni and a bag of grated mozzerella cheese. You can throw one of these pizzas together in less than 5 mins and bake in 10 minutes for a fraction of the cost of delivery pizza.

If you have a little extra time you can do more toppings, like peppers, onions and mushrooms. And I like to drizzle a little olive oil on the crust and then rub it with some rough chopped garlic. I also cook extra Italian sausage when I am making something that calls for it, then keep the extra in the freezer to use for pizza topping. My favorite is Johnsonville Sweet Italian Sausage, I buy it when it is on sale and cook the whole package at one time and freeze it to use as needed.

Sorry no pics of the pizza, we ate the whole thing before I remembered!

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