Monday, January 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I really want to get a new design for this blog as soon as possible so I will feel more inspired to post here. That was my intention when I went to look at some blog designs tonight on Designs by Sheila's website. Then I started following links from one of her client's blogs and came across I'm An Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.

So I think I will give this a try. Menu planning is really a good idea and can be especially helpful if you are trying to stick to a budget because you can make a shopping list and get everything at once. Avoiding those quick trips to the supermarket to pick up something for dinner can save you a lot of money because it is almost inevitable that you will pick up extras. Those add up fast and can really blow the budget fast.

I am actually the type that does a big shopping trip once or twice a month. I usually have everything on hand for a large variety of meals and make things up as I go. But that doesn't always work out, because I forget that I have mushrooms or fresh green beans and don't get around to using them before they spoil. With menu planning I am hoping to do better and cut down on wasted food and excessive leftovers that don't get used.

So here goes: this is my first try at this so I won't have links to all my recipes this time, but will plan on that in the future.

Monday: Sweet n Tangy Pot Roast (as seen on Organizing Junkie's blog) Potatoes and Carrots, Salad

Tuesday: Leftover Pot Roast

Wednesday: Homemade Mushroom, Onion and Red Pepper Pizza, made with premade pizza crust, sauce, mozzerella and parmesan

Thursday: Ham and Potato Gratin, fresh green beans seasoned with bacon and onion

Friday: Panini's (turkey, salami, red pepper, onion, lettuce) with chips and pickles

Saturday: Leftover Ham and Potato Gratin

Sunday: Cheese Enchilada's with Refried Beans, lettuce

In the future I think I will try to include a shopping list and price range for the menu too.

Here is how to make the Ham and Potato Gratin:

Slice 4 medium potatoes thin. I leave skins on but you can peel if you like. Slice one half onion thin. Dice ham into bite size pieces.

Layer potatoes, ham, onion and sprinkle grated white cheddar cheese or any other cheese you like over each layer, ending with the cheese in a large casserole dish, . Pour one cup half and half and enough milk to cover the potatoes just to the top layer. Bake in 375 degree oven for about one hour until top is beginning to brown and the potatoes are tender.



  1. Sounds tasty! I'm thinking of planning two weeks out (just back-logging a blog I guess, hehe) so that my trip to the grocery store is more efficent and the meals aren't too repetitive. I think that I have the necessities for my meal plan this week - I hope - it's a light cooking week for me, so we'll see. Happy planning!

  2. Hi Doni, it.
    I should get back to planning my menu.
    I used to do it when the kids were all home and we had a more limited food budget. IT WORKED TOO and I stuck to the menu and we didn't have all those rotting foods for the trash bin at the end of the week!
    good luck

  3. Welcome to MPM! So glad you've joined us :)